There is lots going on at Ernest Street. All the different activities that happen are listed below. Have a look at them all and see what you would like to get involved with. If you would like more information about any of them, then let us know!


You can also keep up to date through social media.


Find out more about following Jesus and think whether Baptism is your next step


Are you looking for answers to questions? Or a place to live out your faith? Try us!

There are activities for all ages so come along and find a place that fits you


Get more involved in life at Ernest Street by joining one of our teams.  

Come along and try out Tuesday Friends. All are welcome


Find out more about committing to being a part of the local church.

The Why Youth

If you're 11-18 then come and meet others your age who are asking big questions.

WHATEVER! Childrens' Club

A fun, weekly  club for primary school aged children

Bethany Family

Find out more about the work of the Bethany Family in Tanzania!


Be supported and give support by regularly meeting to talk about faith

Thursday Small Group

A traditional weekday Bible study group. Come and join the discussion.

Accrington Christans Together

Join with others local Churches meeting together in a cafe to pray.

Christians Against Poverty

Come and have a go at the Money course and think about your finances in a new way.